Education, Training, and Library - What's Hot


What’s Hot: Graduate school professors Law Teachers, Postsecondary ($134,530) (not surprising considering the high-paying Legal occupational group) and Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary ($125,430) rack up the highest average incomes in the Education, Training, and Library group.

What’s Not: Heading up the Least Paid group: Teacher Assistants ($27,120); Substitute Teachers $30,900), Preschool Teachers (excluding Special Education) ($33,300); Library Technicians ($34,780); and Graduate Teaching Assistants ($35,810) dramatically distance themselves from the next lowest Self-Enrichment Education Teachers ($43,150). Elementary School Teachers (excluding Special Education) (though the largest single occupational category in the group at 1,392,660, are declining in number, from 1,544,270 in 2008).

Wage Estimates for the entire group can be found here