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Greece achieved independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1829. During the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, it gradually added neighboring islands and territories, most with Greek-speaking populations. In World War II, Greece was first invaded by Italy (1940) and subsequently occupied by Germany (1941-44); fighting endured in a protracted civil war between supporters of the king and Communist rebels. Following the latter's defeat in 1949, Greece joined NATO in 1952. A military dictatorship, which in 1967 suspended many political liberties and forced the king to flee the country, lasted seven years. The 1974 democratic elections and a referendum created a parliamentary republic and abolished the monarchy. In 1981, Greece joined the EC (now the EU); it became the 12th member of the European Economic and Monetary Union in 2001. (from the CIA)


Economic Overview

Greece has a capitalist economy with the public sector accounting for about 40% of gdp and with per capita gdp at least 75% of the leading euro-zone economies. tourism provides 15% of gdp. immigrants make up nearly one-fifth of the work force, mainly in agricultural and unskilled jobs. greece is a major beneficiary of eu aid, equal to about 3.3% of annual gdp. the greek economy grew by nearly 4.0% per year between 2003 and 2007, due partly to infrastructural spending related to the 2004 athens olympic games, and in part to an increased availability of credit, which has sustained record levels of consumer spending. greece violated the eu's growth and stability pact budget deficit criteria of no more than 3% of gdp from 2001 to 2006, but finally met that criteria in 2007. public debt, inflation, and unemployment are above the euro-zone average, but are falling. the greek government continues to grapple with cutting government spending, reducing the size of the public sector, and reforming the labor and pension systems, in the face of often vocal opposition from the country's powerful labor unions and the general public. the economy remains an important domestic political issue in greece and, while the ruling new democracy government has had some success in improving economic growth and reducing the budget deficit, athens faces long-term challenges in its effort to continue its economic reforms, especially social security reform and privatization.

Environmental Issues

Air pollution; water pollution

Government Type

Parliamentary republic


10,722,816 (july 2008 est.)


Southern europe, bordering the aegean sea, ionian sea, and the mediterranean sea, between albania and turkey


Total: 131,940 sq km land: 130,800 sq km water: 1,140 sq km

Slightly smaller than alabama

Country Aliases

Conventional long form: hellenic republic conventional short form: greece local long form: elliniki dhimokratia local short form: ellas or ellada former: kingdom of greece


Name: athens geographic coordinates: 37 59 n, 23 44 e time difference: utc+2 (7 hours ahead of washington, dc during standard time) daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last sunday in march; ends last sunday in october

Military Service

19-45 years of age for compulsory military service; during wartime the law allows for recruitment beginning january of the year of inductee's 18th birthday, thus including 17 year olds; 17 years of age for volunteers; conscript service obligation - 1 year for all services; women are eligible for voluntary military service (2008)

International Disputes

Greece and turkey continue discussions to resolve their complex maritime, air, territorial, and boundary disputes in the aegean sea; cyprus question with turkey; greece rejects the use of the name macedonia or republic of macedonia; the mass migration of unemployed albanians still remains a problem for developed countries, chiefly greece and italy

Sources: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

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